Welcome to BI Polar

Before I joined Microsoft, I was a pretty active blogger. I blogged mainly about SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and other data-related topics, but would also often cover non-data-related topics of personal interest. The blog title “BI Polar” fit for multiple reasons.

When I joined Microsoft, my blogging efforts dried up quickly. Not only did I have an exciting new job that consumed most of my free time, I just wasn’t comfortable sharing my personal perspective on Microsoft technologies, as a Microsoft employee, because everything seemed so new and big and complicated…

Anyway… ten years[1] later, I’m back.

This is my personal blog. I’ll probably post about Power BI, Azure, and general data-related topics. I’ll probably post about cooking and baking. I’ll probably post about mental health and diversity. I’ll almost certainly post about heavy metal and swords. The tone will likely be irreverent, because the voice will be mine – as will all the opinions.

If you want to provide feedback, please send it to me via Mastodon.

Let’s do this.

[1] Give or take a month or two. Who’s counting?


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