Create Something Awesome and Share It

One of the things I love the most about software development is that it lets me imagine something, create the thing I imagined, and share the thing I created.

For me, baking hits the same creative “sweet spot” that software development hits. And, of course baking can also be literally sweet as well. But beyond the joy of eating something delicious and homemade, making something with your own two hands can be deeply satisfying and therapeutic, in a way that making something at the keyboard is not.

Kind of like how fencing is sometimes described as “physical chess,” baking is like physical software development.[1] There are common components and frameworks. There are tools that are required, and tools which are optional, but which will will save you time and frustration. There are patterns that can be learned in one application, and applied to other, related applications. There are some rules you must follow, and some rules you can bend, and it takes study and experience to know the difference between the two. The parallels go on and on.

It doesn’t matter where you channel your creativity, but having a creative outlet where you can relax, learn, and express yourself.

In related news, if you’re going to be at the Power BI World Tour event today at the Microsoft Advanta offices in Bellevue, I baked cookies. Specifically, I baked caraway shortbread cookies inspired by the ones they serve at Dinner by Heston in London. Look for me at the evening reception event.


[1] Fencing is also sometimes known as “chess with pain” and “pain” is French for bread. Coincidence? I think not.

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