Free Data Modeling Course

In any industry there is a small set of luminaries – people who everyone knows by name and by reputation. They’ve been around for years and decades. They started off doing amazing work, and they’ve only gotten better over time.

In the world of Microsoft business intelligence, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari are two of these luminaries[1]. I’ve been doing this data thing for a while now, and they know more about data and BI than I will ever forget. Or something like that.

In any event, they have just released a free introductory data modeling course, and you should complete it. I know I will.

For context, there are three big reasons why I’m going to complete an online introductory data modeling course even though I’ve been working as a data professional for over 20 years:

  1. Marco and Alberto are experienced trainers and presenters who know how to communicate complex topics in ways that make them easy to understand and apply. Even if I know a given topic already, I will learn details I did not previously know, or will learn new ways to think about the topic.
  2. There’s a lot I need to learn. My background heavily emphasizes ETL and data warehousing, which was a fine place to specialize when I was part of a multi-disciplinary team and someone else was responsible for the analytics model. When working in Power BI as a self-service user, I frequently run into gaps in my knowledge. Although I know where to look to find answers, focusing on proactive learning will make me more efficient every day I work in Power BI.
  3. Data modeling is a topic of vital importance for enterprise Power BI customers. In my day job[2] I see lots of problems that would not have existed if people had started with a well designed data model.
  4. I’m not getting any younger, so if I’m ever going to start a modeling career, it had better be soon.

I hope you’ll take advantage of Marco and Alberto’s generous offer and complete this course. When you do, let me know what you think.

[1] They are not, as the post title and their names might suggest, elite fashion designers.

[2] Although the dataflows-centric subject matter of this blog may lead you to believe otherwise, most of what I do on a daily basis is help large customers succeed with Power BI… I blog about dataflows just because I love them so much.

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