Unlimited dataflow refresh on Power BI Premium

Last month Microsoft announced on the Power BI blog an exciting new capability:


‘Refresh Now’ API provides unlimited data refresh for Power BI Embedded and Power BI Premium

Using the ‘Refresh now’ API, the limitation  on the number of refreshes you can schedule per day is removed and instead  an unlimited number of refreshes can be triggered for each dataset. Combining the refresh now API with incremental refresh, you can build a near real-time dataset that performs small updates of fresh data very often.

Note: The time of existing refresh is not expected to be shorter, so a new refresh of a dataset cannot start before the previous one finishes. Remember that your resource limitations do not change with the introduction of this API, so use these unlimited refreshes with caution and be careful not to overload your resources with unnecessary refreshes.

Although the blog post only explicitly mentions datasets, the same “as many refreshes as you want” capability applies to Power BI dataflows in workspaces assigned to dedicated (Power BI Embedded or Power BI Premium) capacity.

It’s important to note that this is an API-only feature[1]. If you’re setting up a refresh schedule via the UI, you’ll still see the same daily limits, but using the dataflows API you will now be able to have full control over the refresh schedule for your dataflows.

[1] This is by design, and is unlikely to change. A high-frequency refresh schedule can place a significant load on the capacity resources, and is a configuration that should only be made after careful consideration of the implications.

2 thoughts on “Unlimited dataflow refresh on Power BI Premium

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