3 thoughts on “Dataflows in Power BI: Overview Part 9 – Lineage and impact analysis

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  2. Marcus Early

    The data lineage developments are exciting. A large portion of our datasets come from views in SQL/oracle or SAP queries, both of which will have transformations prior to the dataflow lineage path, I believe. I’m really hoping the development plans will in the future provide:
    -visibility to a builder consuming dataflows to see the lineage from the dataflow connector in power bi desktop. that would help the builder know the lineage path at the time needed rather than have them open the workspace to review
    -visibility to the models/builds that take advantage of this dataflow. To me, that is currently where we are somewhat lacking in visibility. “If I change this dataflow, which models are about to fail refresh?”


    1. That second hope is one of the capabilities shown in the MBAS video this post references. I can’t wait until there’s an internal environment available for me to start kicking the tires…


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