Power BIte: Dataflows enhanced compute engine

The enhanced compute engine in Power BI dataflows has been in preview since June. It’s not really new, and I’ve posted about it before. But I still keep hearing questions about it, so I thought it might make sense to record a video[1].

This video.

I won’t go into too much more depth here – just watch the video, and if you want more details check out one of these existing posts:

Now to get back on schedule with that next video…

[1] Also, I’m behind on my video schedule – this was a motivating factor as well. November was an unexpectedly busy month[2], and between work, life, and not really having the video editing skills I need to keep to a schedule… Yeah.

[2] And I expected it to be very, very busy.

6 thoughts on “Power BIte: Dataflows enhanced compute engine

  1. I look forward to watching this video. If not mentioned, it’s important to note EDCE is in Preview…I’ve disabled it in our Premium subscription after suffering a couple outages from bugs.

    I think they’ve been resolved by the product team, but Preview features probably shouldn’t be used in a production environment. I really look forward to leveraging EDCE once its more stable.


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