Power BIte: Dataflows enhanced compute engine

Important: This post was written and published in 2019, and the content below may no longer represent the current capabilities of Power BI. Please consider this post to be an historical record and not a technical resource. All content on this site is the personal output of the author and not an official resource from Microsoft.

The enhanced compute engine in Power BI dataflows has been in preview since June. It’s not really new, and I’ve posted about it before. But I still keep hearing questions about it, so I thought it might make sense to record a video[1].

This video.

I won’t go into too much more depth here – just watch the video, and if you want more details check out one of these existing posts:

Now to get back on schedule with that next video…

[1] Also, I’m behind on my video schedule – this was a motivating factor as well. November was an unexpectedly busy month[2], and between work, life, and not really having the video editing skills I need to keep to a schedule… Yeah.

[2] And I expected it to be very, very busy.

6 thoughts on “Power BIte: Dataflows enhanced compute engine

  1. I look forward to watching this video. If not mentioned, it’s important to note EDCE is in Preview…I’ve disabled it in our Premium subscription after suffering a couple outages from bugs.

    I think they’ve been resolved by the product team, but Preview features probably shouldn’t be used in a production environment. I really look forward to leveraging EDCE once its more stable.


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