Video: A most delicious analogy

Every time I cook or bake something, I think about how the tasks and patterns present in making food have strong and significant parallels with building BI[1] solutions. At some point in the future I’m likely to write a “data mis en place” blog post, but for today I decided to take a more visual approach, starting with one of my favorite holiday recipes[2].

Check it out:

(Please forgive my clickbaitey title and thumbnail image. I was struggling to think of a meaningful title and image, and decided to have a little fun with this one.)

I won’t repeat all of the information from the video here, but I will share a view of what’s involved in making this self-service BI treat.


When visualized like this, the parallels between data development and reuse are probably a bit more obvious. Please take a look at the video, and see what others jump out at you.

And please let me know what you think. Seriously.

[1] And other types of software, but mainly BI these days.

[2] I published this recipe almost exactly a year ago. The timing isn’t intentional, but it’s interesting to me to see this pattern emerging as well…

5 thoughts on “Video: A most delicious analogy

  1. Archana Penjarla

    Your post on Indian food is intriguing. I love cooking and learning world cuisines. I wish there would be a day where we work in same building and i can bring you(share recipe) most celebrated Indian dishes of all cultures in India. :).

    Thank you,
    Archana P

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peter Francher

    The graphic? Excellent idea with the addition of times on top of each box or column. I routinely find recipe steps like “Take the cashews that you soaked overnight and …” or “With 1/2 cup of pan roasted walnuts …”. Your visual would let me write the times of each step so my sous chef and I (or as she says “_MY_ sous chef and I”) can figure out how long dinner is going to take. After eating after 9:30PM, several times, I might add, we look very closely at every step and _never_ believe the “Total Prep Time: (insert ridiculous number here”.
    Can you create a text to graphic visualization that generates that diagram automatically? 🙂


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