Have you looked at the Power BI roadmap lately?

In case you missed it, Microsoft has published the “2020 release wave 1” release plan for the Power Platform, including Power BI.

You can find the goodness here: Power Platform: 2020 release wave 1 plan.

I have the map, and the road… where are dataflows on this thing?

Even though you won’t see the term “roadmap” anywhere in the release plan[1] docs, this is how I think of them – because they’re the best, most current, and most complete public view of what Microsoft is planning for Power BI and the rest of the Power Platform.

Check it out today, and also check back in as the release plan is updated periodically[2] as the teams have more clarity and detail to share.

[1] Yes, these were called “release notes” not too long ago. No, I don’t know why picking a name and sticking with it is so hard. Yes, I will do my best to call these “roadmap” even though this isn’t their official name. Hashtag power rebel.

[2] I think the docs team publishes updates every week, but not every article gets modified in each update. I’m also not 100% sure about the weekly publishing schedule, which is why I buried this in a footnote that no one will actually read.

6 thoughts on “Have you looked at the Power BI roadmap lately?

  1. Marcus

    I always forget to check for these updates. Thank you for posting this. Lots to get excited about: End User Personalization, Composite Modeling over Power BI Datasets, Email Subscriptions with Bookmarks! This is great stuff. I am not seeing down stream data lineage listed. Is this not on the roadmap? I thought it was previously. Maybe I am just overlooking it. It would be so helpful for dataflows to be able to see who I need to contact before I make a change because I am about to disrupt their modeling.


  2. Matt

    With regard to dataflows and Power BI datasets it would be useful to see who is actually using them in published reports to assess if they are meeting a need and discuss any proposed changes. As far as i’m aware, and please let me know if I’ve missed how to do this the only option is to contact everyone with the appropriate access to the workspace.


    1. The Power BI admin API will allow an administrator to enumerate the content of all v2 “new experience” workspaces including dataflows. This should answer this question.

      There is not currently a UX option for this, as the available lineage view is scoped to the current workspace.


  3. Matthew, perhaps I’m an outlier or contrarian on the value of footnotes. “…which is why I buried this in a footnote that no one will actually read…”
    Footnoting is rare in blogs, but a problem because on paper, the notes are easily scanned at the “foot” of the page, “obvious AF” in your parlance, eh? (yeah that was a pun worth waiting for)
    For me, I read through, with interest, then scan the note and look back to refresh or reinforce the point. Hyperlinks would be a nice enhancement as my mental workflow would be smoother. Just a suggestion for your future FAF (Footnote Adoption Framework)
    Nevertheless, GREAT WORK, always informative, usually entertaining, and stoking nostalgia on my distant Samurai days…Chop Chop


    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      The footnotes are generally for my own amusement or edification. If you have suggestions for how I could implement hyperlinks using simple HTML (since the WordPress editor does not help at all) I’d be happy to consider upgrading… but without an example I’m unlikely to take action.


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