The best Power BI roadmap

The Power BI team at Microsoft publishes a “release plan,” which is essentially the public product roadmap. Anyone can use it to understand what new capabilities and improvements are planned, and when they’re expected to be released[1].

One challenge with the official release plan comes from the fact that it is a set of online documents, and that for each “release wave[2]” there is a new set of docs – it’s not always clear where to look for the latest information on a given feature.

It’s clear now. You look here:

This link will take you to an interactive Power BI report built by Microsoft Technical Specialist and community superhero Alex Powers.

Using this report you can browse and explore by release month, or you can use keyword search to find specific features you’re interested in. The report spans multiple release waves (as I write this post it includes features from October 2019 to March 2021) and for each feature there’s a link to the documentation that includes all publicly available detail.

I use this report almost every day. It’s not actually new, but it is awesome. You should use it, and share it with everyone you know… or at least the people you know who care about Power BI.

Update January 2022: The link above no longer takes you to the public release plan report – it takes you to a Power BI app in the AppSource store that allows you to install the report in your own Power BI tenant. If you just want the public report, you can still find it here:

[1] Ohhh…. Now that i type that sentence, I understand why we call it a release plan. Suddenly that makes sense.

[2] There are two release waves per year, and they correspond to the planning and execution semesters used by the product teams.

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