Automatically refresh dataset when dataflow refresh completes – now with 100% less code!

Important: This post was written and published in 2020, and the content below may no longer represent the current capabilities of Power BI. Please consider this post to be more of an historical record and less of a technical resource. All content on this site is the personal output of the author and not an official resource from Microsoft.

Back in October I blogged about using PowerShell and/or the Power BI dataflows REST APIs to trigger a dataset refresh on dataflow refresh completion. This was a new capability and was well received… but lots of people wanted to do it without needing to write any code.

For those people, Christmas came early.

This week the Data Integration team at Microsoft announced the public preview of the dataflows connector for Power Automate.

This new Power Automate connector[1] will enable any authorized user to take action based on dataflow refresh completion, including:

  • Sending a notification – so you can keep additional users and groups informed
  • Trigger a dataflow or dataset refresh – so you don’t need to maintain separate refresh schedules or live with unnecessary processing delays
  • Trigger a Power Automate flow – so you can do pretty much whatever you want, because Power Automate has a ton of capabilities this blog post won’t even attempt to mention

You can also use the connector to refresh dataflows and monitor dataflow refresh status.

To make it even easier, the preview includes samples for these scenarios and more. You can read all about it and get started today in this post on the official Power BI Blog. What are you waiting for?

[1] Which uses the APIs mentioned in the earlier blog post.

4 thoughts on “Automatically refresh dataset when dataflow refresh completes – now with 100% less code!

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    1. PBailey

      We had to tell our admins to turn this ability on. The only thing I’m not understanding now is where all the body details are so that I can trigger the next step based on the Success/Failure of the refresh. These data does not show in PowerAutomate to me the way that MS shows in their whitepaper.


  2. The Power BI REST API “refreshes” endpoint gives the ability to refresh one or more specific tables within a Power BI dataset, rather than being forced to refresh the entire dataset… Does the Power Automate team plan to incorporate this ability into the connector? Sure hope so! Seems silly to write code for this when the connector is 90% of the way there…


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