Deep thoughts on dataflows

As you may have noticed, life is complicated and keeps getting in the way of my plans to be a more active blogger and YouTuber[1]. I haven’t released a new dataflows video of my own in far too long[2], but my teammate Kasper is helping out by doing the hard work for me:

Last week I had an awesome conversation on “everything dataflows” with Kasper and the video is now available on his excellent Kasper On BI YouTube channel. In this hour-long video we talk about a lot of the “big picture” topics related to dataflows, including how dataflows fit into a larger data estate – and when you should use them, or avoid using them.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think!

[1] If this isn’t the name of a social media platform for potatoes, it should be.

[2] To add insult to the injury that is life in a global pandemic, my video editing PC died a few weeks ago. I now have it back up and running, but I lost all of my project templates and works in progress, which is likely to introduce more delays. FFS.

One thought on “Deep thoughts on dataflows

  1. iamprajotrajot

    Hi Matthew, I am fan of yours, I have learnt a lot from your blogs and videos.

    If you remember me (iamprajot) from guyinacube Q&A video with you on 16-May as I was stuck on saving a dynamic dataflows saving issue.

    The scenario was very interesting.

    Originally I wanted to have a auto appending dataflow that takes only new data from the API and append it to existing data every time it refreshes by checking if the new rows exist in the existing dataflow or not.

    I was using an API address that gives me a path to a CSV file. Half of that path changes every second so I was unable to use it in Web.Contents directly.

    I have successfully managed to do the whole thing of creating a dynamic dataflow and also the auto appending one.


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