Free Power BI Intro Training From Microsoft

[Update: As of February 2023, the training described in this post is no longer available.]

As anyone who is familiar with my series on building a data culture knows, training is an absolutely vital success factor for a community of practice. This isn’t limited to developers, administrators, and content creators – you need to empower every user for your data culture to truly thrive.

Although Microsoft has long offered a variety of training resources such as the “in a day” courses[1], until now these offerings were focused on more technical personas and topics, not on the business users who are consuming reports and dashboards.

Guess what this blog post is about.

That’s right! Starting this month any Power BI user can sign up for free online introductory training delivered by Microsoft instructors.

These are synchronous online classes with expert instructors who guide Power BI consumers through some of the most common and most important parts of the Power BI experience. Classes are scheduled for multiple days and multiple times of the day[2], and I expect more to be scheduled on an ongoing basis. Click the link above for the current schedule.

But it gets even better!

If you’re working for an organization with lots of Power BI users[3], Microsoft offers “closed classes” on your schedule, for your users. I don’t have a link to share for this one, but your Microsoft account team wants to help get you started. Talk to your customer success account manager (CSAM) or another member of your account team, and ask about the Microsoft Store Events training for Power BI.

Why wait? Sign up for a course or talk to your account team today!

[1] Take a look here for a list of courses including Dashboard in a Day, Administrator in a Day, Developer in a Day, and other training courses that sadly do not include the phrase “in a day” in their names.

[2] There’s even one course being delivered as I type this post!

[3] We’ve been making this training available for enterprise customers for the past few months, and have already reached tens of thousands of learners while receiving great feedback along the way.

7 thoughts on “Free Power BI Intro Training From Microsoft

  1. Kieran Steele

    Hi Matthew, Great post and has led to some great internal training! I had a great deal of trouble understanding exactly what was free for the public and internal. It looks like the list of courses “” is actually partner training, not free. Nor can your MS CSAM actually arrange delivery of any of them expect via a partner. Its true that end users can download the trainings as an attendee and do them for free on their own, since they happen to be listed.

    The 2nd link you’ve provided is actually the CSAM based training, is actually only 2 Power BI courses available on the catalog. The L100 and L200 PowerBI courses. These you can arrange for training by your CSAM for internal delivery. Happy to be corrected, but the hopes the public can sign up for all those “in a day” courses, or your CSAM can organise those ones for free, does not look to be the case. Would love be wrong, feel free to email me so I can send you the CSAM discussion and from the training centres providing the L100 & L200.

    Thanks again!


    1. As of today I am not aware of any plans to make the “in a day” courses more broadly available. I’ve reached out to the folks who own that content, and will reply here if I learn something different, but I think right now the problem you’re reporting is “by design.” 😐


  2. Masego

    Hi there, I am very much interested,how do I go about it..Is it really free or does it incur costs? If it does please share more details..


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