Look for me on Mastodon

I’ve deleted my Twitter account.

I started using Twitter in 2011 as a work-adjacent social network, because that’s where the Microsoft data platform community hung out. When I left Facebook in July 2018 it became my primary social network. Back in November I created an account on Mastodon, and stopped using my Twitter account. Now that Twitter account is gone.

My reasons for leaving won’t be surprising to any long-time reader[1] but that isn’t why I’m writing this post. For anyone who wants to continue following my social media presence, you can find me at https://techhub.social/@SQLAllFather. After a few months my experience on Mastodon is very similar to my experience on Twitter, just with fewer abusive trolls, more alt text for images, and missing a few familiar faces here and there.

If you’re interested in checking out a social media platform that feels more like Twitter used to feel before its recent decline, the best place to start is probably https://joinmastodon.org. If you’re interested in telling me that I’m a “wokester” and am just “virtue signaling” the place to reach me is probably Twitter.

[1] This post from December should sum things up for you if you need a refresher.

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