Join me in New York City May 5 and 6 for SQL Saturday NYC

May the fourth be with you, but May the fifth and sixth I hope you’ll be with me – in New York City!

Registration is now open for SQL Saturday NYC 2023, and it’s likely to fill up pretty quickly given the great schedule and exciting lineup of speakers. The event is hosted at Microsoft’s Times Square offices, and attendance is capped at 400 people.

If you’re interested in a free day of data-centric learning with some career-focused sessions[1], please register today and block your calendar. You can register here for the free SQL Saturday event:

If you’re interested in an extra learning day focused on organizational maturity and adoption of a data culture with Power BI, you should also consider joining me and Melissa Coates for our full day focused on “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Adopting Power BI in Your Organization.” At the risk of hyperbole, this session presents the most important information that you need to succeed with Power BI, and to increase the return your organization gets on its investments in data, in business intelligence, and in you.

The most important information that you need to succeed with Power BI

The more I think about it, I honestly think the risk of hyperbole here is very low. The Power BI adoption roadmap is based on the experiences of hundreds of enterprise Power BI customer organizations. The agenda of this pre-conference session is what Melissa and Matthew believe is most important for most audiences based on our collective decades of working in this space. This is the best of the best, the most important parts of the most important subject[2].

Most sessions teach you how to drive, or teach you some interesting aspect of driving. This session gives you a map, teaches you how to read the map, teaches you how to find out where you are on the map, and then provides best practices for navigation. If you’re driving for the sheer fun of driving, maybe this session isn’t what you’re looking for. But if you actually need to get somewhere, this session is going to give you what the other sessions won’t, and it will make all of the driving sessions more valuable.

You can register for this full-day not-free pre-conference here:

I hope to see you in New York!

[1] Including one from me, as I reprise my “Unplanned Career” presentation for the first time in 2023!

[2] I wonder if it’s too late to increase the price. It probably is. (It is.)

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