Fabric CAT sessions at Data Ceili

On Friday June 9th, Data Ceili – Ireland’s biggest Microsoft data platform event  – returns to Trinity College in Dublin!

Update 28 May 2023: Adding one more CAT session to the list, and updating session times as the schedule has changed slightly.

You already know that I’ll be there with MVP Melissa Coates on June 8th to present a full-day pre-conference training day session on Power BI adoption best practices[1]. Hopefully you’re already registered, and if not you can register today.

Today I can announce that there will be three Microsoft Fabric sessions during the main Data Ceili event on Friday. All three will be presented by members of the Fabric CAT team at Microsoft, and each will be based on deep engagement with the product team and private preview customers.

At 10:05 I’ll be presenting Introducing Microsoft Fabric.  At 11:30 Luke Moloney will present Microsoft Fabric – What it means for data engineers. At 14:40 Kasper de Jonge will be presenting Microsoft Fabric, Lakehouses and Power BI: A guide for BI developers.

The three sessions should complement each other well. I’ll be covering the basics of the topics Luke and Kasper will cover in more depth as part of a more comprehensive overview, and Kasper and Luke will recap the big-picture intro before getting into the details of their more focused technical sessions.

The full details are available on the conference schedule. This looks like it’s going to be an exciting event, and I hope to see you there!

At this point, I suspect someone might be saying “wait a minute – did you say Fabric CAT team?”

Why yes, yes I did.

Fabric CAT!
We don’t know what the team logo will be, but because of generative AI we have lots of cute examples of what it definitely won’t be.

As you know, I’ve been part of the Power BI CAT team for the last five years or so, and I’m thriving on that team. One of the reasons I love this team so much is how it periodically reinvents itself to remain aligned with the evolving needs of the customers and product teams we support. Sometimes these changes are smaller, sometimes they’re bigger, and this time the change was big enough we needed to change the team name.

The not unlike how Microsoft Fabric represents the evolution of Power BI and Synapse, Fabric CAT represents the evolution of the Power BI CAT and Synapse CSE[2] teams. We’re now a single team that’s better together, and I have one more reason to be excited about the future.

I know I can look forward to seeing you in Dublin, so I guess that should be two more reasons to be excited.

[1] Yes, the discussion during the pre-conference will include Fabric.

[2] Customer Success Engineering.

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