Building a data culture

BI Polar has a series of videos and accompanying blog posts that focus on key aspects building a data culture. This series wrapped up in November 2020, and includes 3 hours 20 minutes of content delivered over 17 videos.

  1. Series Intro: Building a Data Culture
  2. Data Culture: Executive sponsorship
  3. Data Culture: A brief history of business intelligence
  4. Data Culture: Roles and responsibilities
  5. Data Culture: Picking your battles
  6. Data Culture: The importance of community
  7. Data Culture: Motivation and encouragement
  8. Data Culture: Training for the community
  9. Data Culture: Showcasing the art of the possible
  10. Data Culture: The importance of a central portal
  11. Data Culture: Making stakeholder buy-in explicit
  12. Data Culture: Every app is a unique snowflake
  13. Data Culture: Community champions with swords
  14. Data Culture: The importance of experts
  15. Data Culture: Measuring success
  16. Data Culture: Wisdom from Sun Tzu
  17. Data Culture: Wrapping up and closing words

Based on the positive response this series has received, I’m planning a second season of videos for 2021. Dates and details are still being worked out – why not let me know what additional topics and scenarios you’d like to see covered, and what questions you’d like to have answered.

In December 2020 I presented a one-hour “Building a Data Culture with Power BI” session for the Glasgow Data User Group. This session is mainly a subset of what’s covered in the posts and videos above, but takes a different approach to these topics. You can find the session recording and slides here: Data Culture Presentation Resources.

In addition to this core video series, the BI Polar blog includes a set of standalone posts that fall under the broader topic of data culture.